Mech-Tech Technicians

We do employ a total of four service technicians that operate out of our factory in Pietermaritzburg, from where we service mainly Kwa-zulu Natal area.

  • Two fully qualified Service Technicians (Machine Tools)
  • One Learner Technicians

Our services have been required as far as Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Dar Es Salam, Cape Town, Bethlehem, Reitz, Savina ect.

We are capable of handling and working on any Machine Tool in our industry with a very short and quick response time, and always deliver a very high standard of work.

Our access to over-seas assistance for any special requirement is of the highest standard.


Our Technicians

Technicians Mech Tech

James (Skoen) Lombaard

Technicians Mech Tech

Zane Bester